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Lessons on Monday November 24th at 11am!

Last lesson for the year this Monday at 11am!
Ish is doing a lesson on Monday 24th November at 1.20pm

Posted: November 24th, 2014

Spring Nationals!

The Woman results:
Well done to the Travis team who won by 30 imps against Helene Pitts team in the final.
TRAVIS Barbara Travis, Candice Ginsberg, Margaret Bourke, Sue Lusk 129
PITT Helene Pitt, Ruth Tobin, Pauline Evans, Greer Tucker 99
The Seniors results:
Well done to the Klinger team who won a closely fought final by 17 imps!
KLINGER Ron Klinger, Bill Haughie, Paul Lavings, Robert Krochmalik, Peter Buchen, Henry Christie 124
BRIGHTLING Richard Brightling, David Hoffman, Andrew Braithwaite, Robbie Van Riel, Neil Ewart, Chris Quail 107
For results and bulletins click here: here

Posted: November 6th, 2014